Every ERP system relies on the accuracy of its data. Like fuel in an engine, the quality of data inputs determines the quality of an ERP system output. With the explosion in data growth rates, effective data management requires much more than IT’s management of system storage – it requires tools and methods that the business can use to create and manage transactional and master data.

This has been an evolution for us. We’ve been using Winshuttle now for a couple of years and we are always calling G3G to help us and do more. Each and every script we create pays for itself, many times over. It’s actually the easiest budgetary item I have.

Chris Kean, Dorman Products


Winshuttle empowers users to manage ERP data through the use of lean applications that streamline data collection, data validation and data maintenance. Even without knowledge of ABAP, Functional users can quickly create and automate SAP transactions – resulting in time savings, lower cost, and increased accuracy of data.

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The Data Tax

Effective data management must become the responsibility of every user touching the ERP system. All of the work associated with collecting, validating and moving data into the system, creates a data management “tax.” This tax will increase exponentially over time as the amount of data grows. Data tax is twofold:

Direct cost

Throughout the business large numbers of users are spending numerous hours a day dealing with manual ERP data entry and transcription work. That is a lot of people time committed to a data “tax” overhead and the price of unproductive time is high.

Indirect cost

You can never eliminate human errors and manual work does not scale, so more and more delays and errors will creep into your data maintenance and creation activities. Delayed or distorted strategic decisions based on inaccurate data lead to overlooked waste and high costs, missed new product and business development opportunities, and poor long-term investments.




Why Winshuttle Lean Data Management?

Winshuttle’s platform has been designed to collect, validate and integrate data into SAP ERP systems in a rapid manner without compromising security or governance. Winshuttle’s Lean Data Management platform focuses on solutions that can be developed and deployed at short notice, which means business processes can be easily adapted to changes in the business environment.

Winshuttle at Dorman Products & ASUG
G3G presented at ASUG, demonstrating the importance and versatility of Winshuttle. Dorman Products Inc., a leading supplier of Dealer “Exclusive” automotive replacement parts, automotive hardware, brake products, household hardware to the Automotive After-market and Mass Merchandise markets, recognised the importance of data management as part of their SAP implementation strategy. With hundreds of thousands of unique material numbers to manage (and an additional 60,000-100,000 new materials created each year), Dorman knew that manually processing records in SAP would be inefficient and inaccurate. They needed a tool to manage the data that was quick, powerful, flexible, and easy to implement and use.

G3G have helped Dorman to create over 500 Winshuttle scripts to support both master data and transactional data processes in all of their modules (MM, SD, PP, FI).

Reduce waste by optimising your data

Winshuttle’s core capabilities to build workflow-enabled SAP ERP processes include:

Winshuttle’s unique lean solutions delegate ownership and maintenance of data back to the business, increasing IT bandwidth and maximising the velocity of SAP ERP data management and process automation.

G3G Rapid Implementation

G3G consultants are experts with Winshuttle Studio. Using the G3G rapid implementation philosophy, we are able to respond to implementation requests at short notice. This reduces business disruption, reduces cost and realises return on investment more quickly.

Solution Scope

Update and create transactional and master data in SAP from Excel and Access without programming.
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Query makes ad-hoc reporting accessible to business users without compromising SAP security and performance. Learn More.

Build complex SAP data creation and change scenarios using BAPIs without ABAP programming. 
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Accelerate ERP business process innovation with responsive design, cross-browser support and a single authoring environment. Learn More.

Quickly design, publish, and maintain secure web forms that help users accelerate SAP processes
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Runner helps companies roll out desktop solutions making SAP simpler for causal business users.
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  Journal Entry
Eliminate manual data entry and post ledger and journal data more efficiently.
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A platform add-on for Winshuttle Query and Studio enables users to perform in-memory analytics and create performance management reports on SAP ERP data.
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Build reliable and consistent integration scenarios without requiring technical skills or programming.
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