Although we deliver technology solutions, what we really provide is people. We are passionate about people. Both ours and yours. And therefore our company culture is extremely important to us. We love what we do and we have come to see that a positive and happy team that is treated well will always perform better.

We are passionate about SAP technology and helping customers use it in more creative and innovative ways. To do so we rely on the genius of our people. Again, this is why our culture is so important to us. We have come to see that an innovative spirit is something to be nurtured and developed through a culture that supports it.

We want our company to be a fun and exciting place to work where our enthusiasm is channelled into delivering better results, better solutions and happy customers. For this reason we uphold our values in high regard. We measure ourselves against them at every opportunity to contemplate how we might further improve.

Our vision is to deliver lasting and enduring value – and we do this through our people.

Teamwork requires strong relationships based on trust, where we hold each other accountable to deliver on our promises. We behave with integrity towards our team and stakeholders to whom we are delivering. We take a long term view in the best interests of others. We tell the truth and uphold strong moral principles.

We seek to understand our role within the team and who we impact up and down stream; who we are delivering to and who we are reliant on. We are prepared to share the burden where required, and avoid overcommitting when we know we cannot deliver. We seek to recognise our team member’s weaknesses and blind spots and actively work to support and back them up. We actively seek to understand our team member’s strengths and allow them room to excel. When we are leaders we promote an environment for success.

We work in a harmonious way, promoting good conflict resolution and actively deal with conflict effectively. We maintain clear and open communication.

We understand that the best way to create trust is through trustworthy behaviour.

Trust requires holding ourselves accountable to deliver what was promised. We are committed to “do the right thing.” We will spend time deliberating the options when “the right thing” is not immediately clear, avoiding shortcuts and easy answers. We seek win-win partnerships with everyone we work with, whether a colleague, partner or customer. We act with integrity.

We work hard to allow others to get into the “safe zone” so that others can avoid worry and be themselves, performing to the best of their ability. We aim to be selfless, focussed on what is good for everyone, not just ourselves. We avoid hidden agendas. We do what is right for the G3G Ecosystem, including our colleagues, our partners and our customers.

We understand that “Clarity of intentions” builds trust. We aim to be clear, open and transparent. We recognise that being nice does not build up trust. We build trust by consistently delivering results. As managers we trust our teams when the tasks we assign are managed in the way we expect, we are kept informed and they deliver against the plan.

We are highly focused on using our expertise and experience to deliver outstanding value to our customers. Our team take pride in what they deliver, seeking to surpass the ordinary by delivering best in class at every opportunity. We are not satisfied with good enough.

We are always learning, researching, and seeking to be the best we can be so that we can deliver above the current ordinary standard.

We are committed to prioritising excellence over profit, but recognising that profit is how we reward excellence to deliver sustainable excellence.

High Performance
We have energy and drive that results in never being satisfied with “good enough.” We are highly self-motivated with a desire to overachieve above the desired outcome or objectives set for us. We are self-starters with personal initiative and drive. We are ambitious and push boundaries. We are a meritocracy where high performance is encouraged, developed and rewarded.

We are explorers and pioneers who exhibit a willingness to learn, think outside the box, and approach problems from many different angles. We are always expanding beyond our comfort zones with a desire to look for a better way.

We are never satisfied with the status quo, continuously looking for ways to improve. We challenge convention, push back, and have a culture of curiosity. We are passionate about finding ways to package excellence so that we can ensure repeatable outstanding quality with predictably outstanding outcomes.

In driving for repeatable solutions, we are constantly seeking to avoid wheel reinvention. 


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