In the age of the digital consumer, we should no longer refer to the ‘consumer products’ industry – it is now the ‘consumer outcomes’ industry. By 2020, the world’s population will grow to 7.7 billion people, and a great proportion will be digital consumers. Billions of new consumers will bring trillions in net-new spending power. They are ‘always on,’ connected to one another and to the world around them in real time. Despite decades of investment in process improvements for efficiency and scale, complexity and costs continue to grow. Personalisation, shorter product life-cycles, and more channels challenges service delivery, increases inventory, and drives cost. Couple these considerations with 30 years of downward-trending median industry profitability and declining brand loyalty and market share among the industry’s top 100 brands, and it becomes clear that there is an economic imperative to act now.

In the new digital economy, competition, consumer engagement, and operational effectiveness are fundamentally changing, and accelerating. New competitors are redefining the landscape at unprecedented rates. Building and keeping trust means delivering exceptional brand experiences every time through processes that balance consumer needs with cost. Engaging consumers and capitalising on new opportunities depend on the capacity to identify, act on, and deliver high-value experiences and outcomes like confidence, security, and control, exactly where and when a consumer or business need arises. In this environment, profitable growth will not result from doing things incrementally better, but from doing things fundamentally differently by shifting from products to outcomes. But how?

Re-imagine business models – integrate vertically and virtually to compete as an ecosystem, transform products into services, and capitalise on knowledge.

Re-imagine business processes – engage consumers with real-time personalisation, enable hyper-local demand and supply networks, and optimise capacity with hyper-connected manufacturing.

Re-imagine work – fundamentally transform productivity, exponentially improve enterprise intelligence, and empower a flexible, agile workforce to enable agility at speed.

To maintain a healthy business, drive new growth, and balance current infrastructure and future innovation without disruption, companies need to digitise their business now.

G3G have made digital transformation fast and affordable with G3G S/4 CPG, a software and services package built on SAP S/4HANA. Cloud packages start from £60 per user per month (based on 100 users) and you can be up and running in as little as ten weeks enjoying benefits such as:

  1. Optimised performance: Gain a real-time view across the business so you can optimise profitability.
  2. Integrated supply chain with sales: Enable huge improvements in your distribution and logistics planning.
  3. Brand management and customer loyalty: Utilise the data gathered from loyalty cards and online interactions to up-sell and promote special offers and seasonal items.

Why G3G?

G3G is an award-winning SAP Partner delivering a variety of SAP solutions and services to empower CPG organisations to work more efficiently and use business insight more effectively.

We are proud of our solid project delivery over 20 years for a range of CPG companies and make sure that our in-house team has significant expertise and first-hand experience in your focus industry as well as in SAP technology. They will understand CPG processes and the challenges you face and can help you get the most out of G3G S/4 CPG from day one.

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