The key to a successful SAP Solution Manager Implementation is to start small and activate additional functionality gradually. Once installed, it is necessary to complete the mandatory setup tasks and connect the managed systems. As part of this guided setup procedure, you can activate some of the simpler functionality relatively quickly. By performing the initial setup tasks and completing the managed system setup it is possible to complete the following:

– Connect to the SAP Support Hub Backbone
– Synchronise customer data to the SAP Support portal for Maintenance Planner
– Earlywatch Alert Reporting for production systems
– Data Volume Management
– System Recommendations

Our recommendations for implementing SAP Solution Manager are:
– Always implement the latest stack level as this provides the latest product updates and fixes. Stacks are released approximately every 6 months, the latest stack is SPS08 (released December 2018)
– Ensure the initial configuration phases have been completed successfully including system preparation, infrastructure preparation and basic configuration. This setup is mandatory before activating anything additional. It will also prepare readiness for the SAP Support Hub backbone switch-over.
– Implement any additional features as part of the managed system setup. EWA reporting and activating Data Volume Management is possible within the guided procedure. It is recommended to schedule EWA reports to run weekly and setup an email distribution list to ensure they are reviewed on a regular basis.