Customer benefits

A single entry point to all SAP systems via the Fiori launchpad. Users can build their own device-specific home page, aggregating their most widely used applications.

Fiori launchpad

Unmatched responsiveness

The Fiori analytical apps are underpinned by SAP’s game-changing technology in SAP HANA in-memory technology platform. When combined with the power of the SAP HANA platform, unmatched responsiveness is possible with real-time operational analytics and business process steps. By bringing analytics and transactions together we can engage with business processes in a way that was never possible before.

From insight to action

Performance against KPIs is presented on the fly with the appropriate actionable business process steps in one place. This means you can act on the information in a timely and appropriate way while the information is still relevant.

Do business SMART

SAP Smart Business Cockpits represent the pinnacle of Fiori apps. For Cash Management, cash managers can benefit from real-time insight into cash flow and cash position on demand.

Using SAP Smart Business Cockpit

Using SAP Smart Business Cockpit for project execution, project managers can benefit from real-time insight into project milestones, predicted variances and future commitments.

If you haven’t yet migrated to SAP HANA there are still many transactional apps to benefit from. Many of these can be deployed rapidly (depending on the back-end functionality you use).

Drive user adoption

G3G can help you to assess which Fiori applications you can deploy today, provide Fiori deployment services, and build a roadmap with you to benefit from future innovations. If you would like to investigate further, please get in touch.