Effective UX should hit the middle ground where the needs of the end-user and the business overlap, reducing operational costs and enabling users to work more efficiently.

To achieve this, we follow a user-centered design approach. We take your users’ needs into account at every stage by performing and analysing user research, designing solutions based on the analysis and iterating the designs to get them just right.

The benefits of adopting a good, well defined UX strategy include:

  • Improved productivity: Enabling users to complete tasks faster has a big impact on their productivity.
  • Improved user satisfaction: People are happier working with a system they took an active part in designing and testing.
  • Improved solution adoption: More employees will use the solution, especially casual SAP users who are often put off the system due to the complexity of screens.
  • Reduced training costs: Save training costs by creating simple, intuitive user interfaces (UIs). Especially important to companies that rely heavily on contractors and need fast onboarding.
  • Reduced user errors: Leading to better data quality.
  • Reduced change requests: Equip your workforce with the knowledge and skills to improve UX throughout your business.

SAP Screen Personas allows you to modify SAP software GUI screens to align transactions with specific user roles.

SAP Fiori is a comprehensive collection of apps with a consumer-like UX to improve the user experience of core SAP functions.