IFS Applications™ is a different kind of ERP software. It is not complex and rigid like some other ERP suites. Rather, it is designed to rapidly adjust to changes in technology and business, maximising enterprise agility.

It has native functionality for Enterprise Project Management (EPM), Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) and Service Management. The application can be configured for a variety of settings including but not limited to discrete manufacturing, process manufacturing, multi-mode manufacturing, construction and engineering, and esoteric and demanding settings like multi-mode manufacturing, aerospace and defence, engineer, procure, construct (EPC), and offshore oil and gas drilling.

IFS Applications allows you to:

  • Maximise enterprise agility by rapidly adjusting to changes in technology and business.
  • Accommodate changing business needs, marketing conditions, or growth by acquisition.
  • Implement a few modules at a time, allowing you to address your needs in priority order.

To find out more about IFS ERP and G3G, please get in touch.