As a Partner and Value Added Reseller (VAR) of SAP software, G3G is well positioned to sell software from across SAP’s broad portfolio. G3G is also SAP Partner Centre of Expertise (PCoE) certified across all our global locations which certifies us to not only sell SAP license but also provide the related annual support and maintenance services.

Licensing Consultation
Before licensing any software, it is important to understand your vendor’s licensing and pricing model. Gaining this insight enables you to make better investment decisions and tailor software solutions to your business needs. SAP bases its licensing on clearly defined principles that benefit both SAP and you – the customer. However, as you would expect from a vendor that supplies the breadth of software solutions to over 250,000 customers, there is a lot to get your head around. That is where G3G comes in. We are committed to delivering value to our customers. We will help you navigate the complexity of the SAP license model to find the most cost effective way to deliver what you need. And through proactive free audits, we will ensure you are always legal, by making you aware of where you might be exposed.

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The standard licensing model comprises two fundamental elements: software licenses and associated maintenance and support services. Most SAP software licenses are perpetual licenses, which entitle you to use the relevant functionality for an unlimited period. Once your SAP solution is in place, you will want to make sure it runs smoothly and keeps pace with changing business and statutory requirements. To meet this need, maintenance and support gives you access to the SAP support infrastructure, important updates, and new releases of your licensed software.

Value Creation
Any investment in enterprise software has to deliver tangible business value. The SAP solution portfolio is designed to do just that. Comprising SAP Business suite, with its tailored industry functionality, SAP Business Objects solutions, and the SAP Netweaver technology platform, the SAP portfolio helps you automate, harmonise, and streamline business processes. What’s more, it helps your employees perform their day-to-day tasks more efficiently. The structure of SAP software licenses is intended to maximise these inherent business benefits by providing package licenses and named user licenses. Both are required in order to license SAP software. With our firm focus on value, this licensing model allows you to make a persuasive business case for your software license – and helps maximise the return on your investments.

Package Licenses
Package licenses entitle you to use a precise set of software functionality to support your company’s processes. The price of a package license is based on key business metrics that reflect your use of that functionality. SAP determined these metrics in close collaboration with customers in order to make sure they reflect a business’s real-world requirements. Examples include the number of orders processed, number of contracts tracked, gross written premiums, or patients treated. As your business grows, you can scale the functionality as your requirements change.

Named User Licenses
In addition to package licenses, we can offer a named user license for each user who will access the licensed functionality. A named user is an employee of your organisation, one of its affiliates, or a business partner who is authorised to access the licensed SAP software directly or indirectly. One major benefit of named user licenses is that they can be valid for multiple package licenses. This means that even if your employees handle complex business processes involving a wide range of SAP functionality, you require only one named user license per employee. What’s more, when you introduce new packages, existing named users usually have the right to access the associated functionality.

How your employees work with an SAP solution will vary depending on their tasks and roles within your organisation. To reflect this, SAP offers different categories of named user licenses.

There is so much more to explain, but that is why we are here. Talk to us. We will simplify the process and help you understand your options and build an appropriate business case.


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