Change is the only constant in life and when it comes to business, tracking changes is highly important. The Change Log in SAP Business One enables authorised users to access previous versions of a given record and view the changes made by each revision:

Change Log

Like most features and functions, accessing the Change Log of documents and transactions requires the correct authorisations. Previously, only users with full authorisation to both the Change Log and the respective objects could access the data. Considering the importance of tracking changes, SAP Business One now enables access for users with full authorisation to the Change Log and read-only authorisation for the following objects:

  • Sales and purchasing documents.
  • Journal entries.
  • Goods Issues, Goods Receipts, Receipts from Production, and Issues for Production.
  • Production Orders.
  • Inventory Transfers and Inventory Transfer Requests.
  • Inventory Opening Balances, Inventory Counting, and Inventory Postings.
  • Incoming Payments and Outgoing Payments.

Available in Web Client for SAP Business One 10.0, and SAP Business One 10.0 version for SAP HANA. Please get in touch if you would like to upgrade to version 10.0.

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Source: Ari Schapira | SAP Business One – The Tip of the Week