SAP’s latest release of its Screen Personas product (Release 3) has made it easier than ever to give your SAP system the make-over that users have been crying out for. SAP Screen Personas makes it quick and easy to completely change the appearance of standard SAP transaction screens, making core functionality more transparent and intuitive to use. These screen variants (or ‘flavors’ as SAP has named them) are assigned to roles such that each user can have a personally tailored view of the system.

Simplified User Experience (UX)
The development interface is of the drag-and-drop kind making it simple to hide fields and tabs that are irrelevant to the users function. It also has a powerful scripting engine embedded within that makes it possible streamline tasks by automating repeated keystrokes and combine information from different source screens.

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Dramatically Improve UX
Your company will benefit from increased user productivity and an improved ROI as experienced or new, heavy or casual users alike, will find the system easier to learn and use. Take a look at the video below and see how we at G3G have used Personas to simplify and rationalize our own sales invoicing process.

Realizing the Benefits of a Better UX
If you are wondering why you should make the leap to a better UX, there are many tangible benefits that focus on user experience including:

Gain productivity – By making SAP software simple to use, people will get unlimited possibilities to deliver new business value with new insight.

Increase user adoption – With a more personalized experience, users are more likely to adopt their apps quickly to get their job done.

Decrease user errors – Enabling a simple, role-based interface and converting open text fields to pull-down menus or radio buttons reduces the risk of data-entry errors. And, with fewer mistakes to correct, you can decrease the significant cost of rework.

Save training costs – By making the UX more intuitive, you can reduce the need for staff training – and the associated costs.

SAP Screen Personas

SAP Screen Personas provides a simple, drag and drop approach to modify many common SAP GUI screens to make them more usable as well as more visually appealing.

Personas Delivers Impressive Results
Boost call center productivity by 233%. A manufacturing company used SAP Screen Personas to simplify screens for its call center staff. Now, operators enter all information on a single screen, rather than multiple screens and tabs. This allowed them to reduce the time it takes to create a notification; each person now handles 20 calls per hour, up from six. In addition to the productivity improvement, the company also saves money on training.

Simplify the sales quotation process from eight screens to two. The sales reps for a medical technology company use SAP to generate quotes for their highly configurable systems that include hardware, software, and regional preferences. Before SAP Screen Personas, they were frustrated by the number of clicks required to get this done. Now, using a streamlined process that they built using SAP Screen Personas, they were able to reduce the number of screens from eight to two.

Increase user efficiency by up to 500%. An entertainment technology company wanted to provide quick and intuitive access to the most commonly used transactions, simplify the user interface, and eliminate non-value-added data entry. The company used SAP Screen Personas to reduce the steps required for one of its most common transactions from approximately 30 to only five.

Personas and G3G
At G3G we have been approached by several clients to help them introduce SAP Personas. These engagements involve choosing a laborious business task, mapping out the actual screen interactions and relevant business rules, and then building a persona flavour. If you would like to know more about how we do this and the simple return on investment please get in touch.


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