Private Equity

Recent trends in Private Equity have caused valuations to increase. With the cost of capital at an all-time low, there are a high number of strategic buyers with tremendous cash reserves on their balance sheets willing to pay a premium for the right acquisition. Financial engineering and leveraging a balance sheet which once was a singular way to increase value in a portfolio company, is no longer enough and is often forcing a hold in operational activism to increase value in the private equity space.

As a result, many Private Equity firms turn to technology advisors to rapidly increase operational value. Technologies like the Cloud allow rapid deployment. Cloud competencies increase operational value in existing technology landscapes. G3G offers a set of packaged services that rapidly increase value at both the Fund and Portfolio level.


Pre-Acquisition Services
Private Equity companies face the difficulty of running lean teams to manage the process of acquisition. A consequence of this is the need for credible, trustworthy, reliable due diligence partners to aid in the process of vetting assets and pre-acquisition. Read more.



Private Equity firms face the challenge of rapidly implementing their investment thesis within very tight time frames to get the new acquisition off the TSA as quickly as possible, whilst sensitive to the cost, risk and value. To do so, it is necessary to have a partner with discretion, capability and an understanding of the PE space to identify areas most susceptible to quick turn-around implementation growth, and with a pragmatic mind-set to implement these changes in a low risk, high quality, rapid time frame… and at a compelling price-point
. Read more.

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