In an industry that works in hostile environments, you always need to be at the forefront of innovation. As project costs continue to rise, oil & gas companies face increased pressure to implement controls that can help maintain profitability around capital, maintenance and STO (shutdown, turnaround and outage) projects.

G3G provides a packaged, integrated solution that provides real-time visibility needed to optimize operational budgets, create accurate estimates, manage costs and drive increased return on capital across the project lifecycle.

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We will make tangible cost savings going forward as we will be able to replicate processes in every project we undertake.

Richard Glasspool, OGN Group

Deliver Project Certainty
Oil & Gas companies capitalise on integrated software solutions to achieve:
  • More accurate budgets and estimates for projects as they move through the gating process, helping them remain within accepted tolerance levels
  • Utilize project funds more effectively and minimize the impact a bad project can have on other initiatives
  • Control the construction process for capital-intensive projects with ever-changing risks
  • Beat maintenance project deadlines that, if missed, can cost millions in lost production revenue
  • Coordinate procurement, manufacturing and installation of complex and expensive equipment to minimize downtime
  • Implement a system to assess changes, contingencies and escalations to help protect margins during project execution
  • Plan and schedule resources to optimize productivity 

G3G & InEight

G3G is an SAP and InEight Partner. Our pre-packaged industry solution for Oil & Gas draws upon industry best practices and powerful tools from both SAP and InEight solutions. InEight & SAP provide a comprehensive, integrated solution that provides real-time visibility needed to optimize operational budgets, create accurate estimates, manage costs and drive increased return on capital across the project lifecycle.

Maximise Profitability
Oil & gas companies can increase profitability and minimise cost and risk with software for model-based construction, estimating, project control and field mobility. The G3G solution helps planners and engineers create accurate estimates and budgets, control costs and reduce schedule risk. Managers can leverage real-time information to make more informed decisions and maintain better visibility and control throughout the project lifecycle.

Comprehensive Cover
G3G offers a complete, integrated and scalable solution that combines the functionality, technology and flexibility project-driven companies demand. You can accurately manage people, material, projects and performance, ultimately enhancing your operations, improving efficiency, increasing your bottom line, across all sectors of your business:

  • Upstream
    Whether onshore or offshore, exploration projects can be extremely complex and ever changing. They also come with the high risks and costs associated with getting skilled people, equipment and materials to some of the most challenging jobsite locations imaginable. Without proper controls, upstream projects can quickly stumble and jeopardize production targets.

  • Midstream
    Pipelines and terminals that distribute the world’s oil and gas resources are the result of capital projects that are often multi-year, transnational and truly “mega” in scope. Completing projects on schedule is crucial to maintaining balance between supply and demand.

  • Downstream
    Refineries and other processing plants are some of the most capital-intensive projects on the planet. Completing them on time and within budget is only half the battle; required upkeep and new regulations means a constant stream of maintenance and outage projects must be regularly planned and executed with tight controls.

When we try to pre-qualify for projects, all the boxes are ticked in terms of project reporting and administration, and process control.

Richard Glasspool, OGN Group


Drive Best Practices

G3G solutions feature a common integrated platform and robust capabilities to drive best practices throughout the project lifecycle.

  • Integrate mine plans and BIM models with schedules, costs and construction workflows to help visualize successful project outcomes
  • Identify design issues earlier
  • Create material requisitions directly from design models
  • Enrich BIM models with information captured during project execution like maintenance data, warranty information, procurement information and more
Estimating, Budgeting and Work Planning
  • Build accurate and consistent cost estimates and budgets for capital and maintenance projects, using multiple currencies and resource rate libraries
  • Benchmark against cost and productivity data from prior, similar projects
  • Create time-phased cost estimates via two-way integration with scheduling systems
  • Develop detailed work plans using templates, norms, previous project histories and detailed equipment cost models
  • Manage budget revisions and estimate changes as projects evolve
  • Easily determine cost escalation across multi-year projects
 Project Execution
  • Keep estimate, schedule and ERP systems aligned across the project lifecycle for improved visibility and control
  • Drive forecast accuracy by incorporating performance trends, new expectations and bottom-up re-estimates
  • Implement a system with change order tracking, contingencies and escalations to protect margins
  • Develop accurate earned value reporting and monitoring of costs, production and time
  • Spot cost variances early to stay within required performance goals
  • Replace error-prone spreadsheets with an auditable control system
  • Simplify commitment and procurement processes by establishing cash spend for material, equipment and resources
  • Track budget changes and immediately evaluate their impact on cost and schedule
  • Capture information at work locations, including work hours for internal and contractor labour, work progress and inspection results and notes
  • Help maintenance technicians receive and prioritise work orders, address defects, record work completed, update repair status and report hours worked
  • Easily produce and distribute earned value and other project status reports

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