Change is inevitable – except from a vending machine.

In my final blog in this VAR Support trilogy I’m going to talk about the benefits of choosing and regularly reviewing your SAP Value Added Reseller (VAR) Partner to make sure you are getting the maximum benefits from your alliance. Selecting or changing your SAP Partner can be a scary proposition and the need to be back in a steady state with minimal disruption is vital to the smooth running of your business.

There are many SAP support partners out there and each will have their own unique selling points. You will want the assurance of working with a partner that has proven credibility, expertise, and who will put your needs first. As an award-winning SAP Silver Partner, G3G understand this. We have undertaken all types of transitions and come across all imaginable issues… and probably some that you couldn’t.

SAP Support is in our DNA at G3G and we continually strive for the highest levels of client satisfaction. We know that when it comes to SAP support, what works for one customer may not work for another and we have the expertise and flexibility to find a solution to suit your unique needs.

In this blog, I will look at the importance of keeping the time and cost of transition under control, client updated regularly, following a tailored transition plan and having the right people in place throughout to ensure a successful transition into a steady state.

Collaboration is the key

It is important that the support service change-over is communicated within the business and that end-users are consulted and advised of any new processes. Our Transition Manager would be responsible for communicating and supporting the go-live from a G3G perspective internally to ensure that our support teams provide a seamless go-live.

To ensure a thorough transfer of knowledge has taken place, our technical and functional consultants will review client completed knowledge transfer module questionnaires, for the Assimilate methodology, and in all cases will undertake knowledge transfer sessions. Face-to-face meetings with your key stakeholders have the additional benefit of building strong relationships from the outset. Our consultants will review business process and procedures, including blueprint documents and functional and technical specifications. This ensures clarity around the system functionality and key processes. They will also review and understand the interfaces and batch jobs in place and review configuration notes. The team will then transfer the knowledge gained to the wider G3G consulting community. This will ensure that the go live into BAU will be a smooth as possible with quicker turnaround times on incidents and changes, allowing you and your team to concentrate on running your day-to-day business.

Why G3G

We believe there are many benefits to having a mature transition process in place and in transitioning your support to G3G itself.

Our Transition Managers are highly skilled and are able to take much of the stress out of the process by understanding the key activities required to enable a successful transition. We have a robust, mature and repeatable methodology in place that is flexible to your unique requirements. Our consultants have worked on many different SAP systems and have a depth of knowledge that allows them to quickly understand and learn how your system and processes operate. An additional benefit is that during the knowledge transfer phase, our consultants are already looking at how the programs and processes could be improved to make your systems work more efficiently.

By working closely with the customer throughout the process, strong relationships are developed putting you and your business at the heart of things. From experience, our open and honest approach creates long lasting partnerships based on trust and great customer service.

Transition is by default a necessary period of change, usually from one SAP support partner to another, or from a large project into a BAU support state. Either way, this can be a worrying time for you and your team.

If you are ready to start down the path to a successful SAP VAR Partner relationship, or you have some questions that you would like to ask us, please get in touch for an informal chat with me at


Mick Lewin, Head of Client Engagement Support, UK

I have worked in both support and consultancy roles before moving into service delivery and client management – clocking up over 20 years’ experience working in the world of SAP. I’m passionate about delivering the highest standard of customer satisfaction and fervently believe great interactions start with knowing your clients’ wants and needs.