SAP and Manufacturing

Today’s manufacturing companies face volatile customer demand and heightened expectations for responsiveness while supply chains grow more complex and extend their reach across the globe. Innovative technologies can help resolve these issues by providing vital business information across the network, improving real-time data analysis, and enabling better collaboration across departments and companies.

Why manufacturers choose SAP
Industry leading manufacturers respond to changing market conditions by shifting operations toward customer responsive processes. By aligning global manufacturing with these processes, organisations can accelerate innovation, optimise the manufacturing network, and deliver quality products, whilst complying with regulations.

We help our customers achieve significant supply chain improvements and enhanced end-to-end solutions – providing a substantial ROI with a shorter project life cycle by taking advantage of SAP.

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What makes G3G different?
G3G understands the importance of an ERP system in your business. Our ultimate priority is to provide you with a platform that enables your business to grow. This is never a simple task, but G3G’s emphasis on hiring consultants with extensive, relevant experience, streamlines this process. What is the result of using consultants who have been there before? Better solutions, in less time.

G3G consultants differentiate themselves from other consultants with our mix of experience and culture for innovation. Individuals with the business acumen to understand your complex business and tailor the best possible solution for your scenario are invaluable. Our consultants are given freedom to explore the most creative, efficient and ultimately best solution to solve your business problems. G3G consultants unlock SAP’s real value for your business – allowing you to focus on what you do best.

Manufacturing and Supply Chain demands
No matter the size of your business, SAP’s supply chain management (SCM) solutions can help you build resiliency and flexibility into your supply network – for responsive planning, improved collaboration, and seamless execution.

  • Real-time insight into your global network of operations.
  • Respond quickly to changes in supply and demand.
  • Determine accurate customer delivery dates.
  • Optimise inventory, labour, resources, and space.
  • Leverage analytics to monitor and measure performance.
  • Develop risk avoidance and mitigation strategies.
  • Ensure compliance with international trade regulations.

Responsive manufacturing operations monitor high quality, efficient, innovative processes with clear visibility into production. As a result, manufacturers can respond to changing market conditions and maximise profitability.

SAP Solution
Breakthrough technologies enable manufacturers to integrate the plant with the overall value chain for faster innovation and flexible manufacturing capabilities.

Database and technology solutions, including SAP Business Suite software powered by the SAP HANA platform, increase the speed of planning for very complex materials, components, and production facilities. Plus, SAP HANA provides manufacturers the ability to analyse large volumes of information at speeds they didn’t think possible.

Mobile solutions provide real-time information to users, from work instructions to plant performance. Enterprise mobility extends operations to where the workers are and helps them to uncover insights anytime and anywhere.

Analytics enable decision makers to evaluate large volumes of real-time operational data quickly; in context and with an understanding of any impacts on financials and external stakeholders.

Best run manufacturers respond rapidly to market demands. They increase competitiveness with a flexible manufacturing network that quickly adopts new innovations and delivers quality, compliant free products.

  • Anticipate Demand
    Quickly align manufacturing operations with changing conditions by orchestrating global processes for manufacturing, product innovation, and the supply network.
  • Execute Efficiently
    Execute sustainable production operations by integrating the enterprise with detailed, local assets and operations.
  • Optimise Production
    Produce reliable and compliant products by managing quality levels across the entire product life cycle.
  • Sustain Improvement
    Implement and maintain continuous improvement by providing visibility and managing manufacturing performance.

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