G3G has a successful history of providing advice and insights into many industry sectors. We can provide you guidance on the right solution to meet the unique needs of your industry and shape your future growth. 

Our Rapid Deployment Solutions are based on industry best practices and provide the flexibility to tailor solutions, whilst leveraging pre-set industry templates which reduce implementation costs, reduce project timelines, increase quality and reduce risk.


Professional Services Industry
The Professional Services Industry faces the daily challenge of improving project costs, revenue forecasting, pipeline visibility and resources utilisation. Gaining real-time visibility gives professional services firms greater control over the profitability of their projects. Read more.




High Tech Industry
The High Tech Industry lives on accurately anticipating
consumer demand. It must be flexible enough to adapt to market changes by managing and adapting production and suppliers. High Tech firms must also have access to 360-degree insight to manage their clients and organisation. Read more.


Construction Industry

The Construction Industry requires greater insight into the financial operational position of their contracts. Real-time, 5D visibility gives firms greater power to forecast revenue, manage the profitability of their projects, improve estimate to completion and work scheduling. Read more.

Manufacturing Industry
The increasing volatility of customers requires ever more flexible supply and production chains and places greater needs on manufacturer's infrastructure. Connecting the top floor with the shop floor is now more vital than ever to reduce lead times, predict rather than react and increase operational efficiencies. Read more.


Mining Industry

Mining construction projects often feature multi-year durations, continually evolving designs, complex and expensive equipment and volatile commodity prices. In such a high-risk environment, owner/operators, EPCMs and contractors face immense pressure to implement tight controls around their capital and maintenance projects. Read more.


Utilities Industry

Utilities are entering a new era. Tighter regulations, industry consolidation, rate pressures and rapidly rising costs have changed the environment in which utility companies operate. As a result, there’s a new premium on accuracy within the industry. Precise budgets, estimates and controls are mandatory for projects as they move through the gating process in order to remain within accepted levels. Read more.


Oil & Gas Industry

In an industry that works in hostile environments, you always need to be at the forefront of innovation. As project costs continue to rise, oil & gas companies face increased pressure to implement controls that can help maintain profitability around capital, maintenance and STO (shutdown, turnaround and outage) projects. Read more.


Private Equity Industry
Private Equity firms face the challenge of rapidly implementing their investment thesis within very tight time frames to get the new acquisition off the TSA as quickly as possible, while sensitive to the cost, risk and value. A consequence of this is the need for credible, trustworthy, reliable due diligence partners to aid in the process of vetting assets and delivering value against the investment timeline. Read more.


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