At G3G we use Solution Manager extensively to deliver our Basis managed service, making use of the following features:

Guided Procedures. Used to document regular tasks around system checks and reporting. Solution Manager offers a catalogue of standard guided procedures which can be used alongside customised guided procedures. By documenting these in Solution Manager we are able to ensure consistent documentation.

IT Task Management. Used to schedule regular tasks. Each task has a guided procedure to follow and will trigger an overdue alert if not completed. By using IT Task management we have an audit trial of the task performed, date/time of completion and a record of the consultant who performed the task. These tasks can then be downloaded to a report to provide a visible audit.

Earlywatch Alert reporting. Earlywatch alerts are configured for all of G3G’s managed services customers production systems. Earlywatch reports are reviewed weekly and key recommendations are highlighted to the customer for implementation.

System and application Monitoring. G3G has developed simplified technical monitoring templates for Windows/SQL Server HANA/Linux platforms which give a good base level of technical alerting. These can easily be re-deployed to similar landscapes with minimal efforts. Alerting is configured to email critical alerts. The Alert Inbox can be used to give an overall view of the status of all systems. At G3G we use this as a dashboard to give an overview of the system health.

Service Level Reporting. G3G uses the data gathered as part of Service Level Reporting for input into quarterly reporting. Here statistical data from the customer systems is summarised into graphical analysis over a reporting period. This is used for trend analysis on customer systems.

System Recommendations. Here, tailored recommendations for each system are summarised in Solution Manager. G3G regularly reviews the system recommendations and checks the relevance against the customers SAP systems. Any hot news/high priority recommendations are flagged to the customer for implementation.

Maintenance Planner. Used to calculate software updates/plan new installations using the data which is sent to the SAP Support portal from the LMDB in Solution Manager. By having this close product data mapping, it ensures a consistent approach to software deployment. The following diagram illustrates the data flows between the customer landscape and SAP support:

Service Desk. Service Desk is configured to allow G3G to log tickets with SAP on behalf of customers as part of the VAR support model. This is a mandatory requirement to remain PCOE compliant.

G3G Offerings

Need some help?

G3G are able to install, upgrade and configure Solution Manager to help you get up and running with some of the core functionality. Please do not hesitate to get in touch for a no obligation discussion on your planned implementation or for further advice on your Solution Manager strategy.

For G3G customers, our on-boarding service offers the possibility of using the G3G Solution Manager system to remove the overhead of the customer implementing and maintaining their own Solution Manager systems. For Full managed service customers we integrate the monitoring solution as part of service take on. For VAR only customers we are able to integrate customer systems to enable Earlywatch alerts to be sent to SAP and enable SAP remote service delivery.