Technology has an increasing role to play in a company’s growth potential. The right technology decision, made early in the life of a company, can help pave the way for future success. Together with SAP, G3G is actively working to help SMEs around the world grow and reach their full potential. This is the first in a trilogy of examples of how SAP technology has enabled companies to turn their inspiration into reality.

Cloud technology is key among these technology decisions, due largely to its ability to operationalise costs and provide scalability without staffing overhead. Real-time analytics are another potential game-changer, enabling leaders to make important business decisions based on evidence rather than intuition alone. Together, these technology decisions can help companies create new and innovative business models that disrupt an industry or line of business, or even instigate social change.

Snow Peak

For many business leaders, passion is critical to success because success is much more than delivering a better product. It’s about providing a better customer experience, and doing it profitably.

Consider outdoor apparel and gear manufacturer, Snow Peak. In 1958, accomplished mountaineer and outdoor-enthusiast Yukio Yamai wasn’t happy with the climbing gear available on the market, so he decided to develop his own. The company he created has now grown into a multinational enterprise with an online presence and a network of more than 100 retail stores.

Understanding customer needs has always been core to the company’s success. The organisation recently jettisoned its outdated technology to centralise, unify, and control fragmented information about its customers, inventory, and all other aspects of the business, and make this data available to executives, salespeople, and other business users in real time. At the same time, Snow Peak optimised inventory levels by coupling supply and demand data and keeping it current. The company can now proactively identify shortages before they occur, increasing sales across the board and providing a better customer experience through guided preferences and other online shopping benefits.

Get Inspired to Run Live

Cloud-based SAP technology and new innovations are helping SMEs thrive in the market and innovate their business models. Wherever they are on their road to success, SAP solutions can provide the support and strategies to help these organisations realise their vision.

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