Technology has an increasing role to play in a company’s growth potential. The right technology decision, made early in the life of a company, can help pave the way for future success. Together with SAP, G3G is actively working to help SMEs around the world grow and reach their full potential. In the final part of this trilogy of blog articles we highlight how Cloud technology is key among these technology decisions, due largely to its ability to operationalise costs and provide scalability without staffing overhead.

For some SMEs, the quest to succeed demands inspired ideas for innovative business models. More than just a new product or offering, their visions can change an industry and can sometimes even change people’s lives.

European Vaccine Initiative (EVI)

Not-for-profit EVI supports global efforts to develop effective vaccines that are more powerful than any drug. In the poorest parts of the world, horrific diseases kill millions of people each year. But developing vaccines is a high-risk, low-profit proposition for pharmaceutical companies, and less wealthy countries cannot afford costly vaccines created by private sector companies alone.

EVI bridges the gap between a vaccine concept and clinical studies. It carefully manages the earliest, riskiest stages and relies on organisations in the private and public sector for further development and testing. The organisation’s innovative approach to managing donations, finances, and clinical trials translates into expanded capacity and scale to address diseases in the poorest regions of Africa and Asia, and combat emerging infectious diseases like Zika and Ebola. It’s a vital mission that requires sound financial management.

To optimise the efficiency and transparency of its financial processes, EVI turned to the cloud to run the business aspects of its organisation. Today, all EVI project leaders can instantly access the real-time financial data they need along with powerful analysis and reporting. This accessibility provides big benefits:

  • The finance team can deliver unique reports that comply with country-specific requirements.
  • Project leaders gain the financial insights needed to stay on budget.
  • Global partners can collaborate more effectively with management.
  • And because financial management is now completely transparent, EVI can increase funding to fight diseases by building even greater public confidence in its integrity.

Get Inspired to Run Live

Cloud technology and new innovations are helping SMEs thrive in the market and innovate their business models. Wherever they are on their road to success, SAP solutions can provide the support and strategies to help these organisations realise their vision.

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