Many refer to the high-tech industry as dynamic, however, it is better described as chaotic. Complex supply chain networks, which enable high efficiency to keep prices down and quality high, are often thrown off by unexpected events such as product launch delays, yield losses, and IP disputes. However, for some, this also represents an advantage. Those who can leverage their data and incorporate more simulation and other sophisticated analytic techniques to model their environment will respond much faster to unforeseen events. The data required for sophisticated decision-making has now shifted to the network, providing the next frontier for data exploration.

To achieve next-generation business processes, companies need an intelligent ERP solution that can be continuously enhanced and extended with innovative business services and applications built on emerging technologies, including machine learning, blockchain, and the Internet of Things (IoT). High-tech organisations that have big innovation appetites, or prefer to be early adopters, have already begun this journey.

SAP S/4HANA® provides high-tech companies with a proven framework to adopt industry best practices while attaining operational excellence across the full value chain.

Business benefits include*:

• 10%–30% increase in on-time delivery

• 25%–30% reduction in inventory levels

• 10%–12% reduction in days of inventory

• 10%–15% reduction in revenue loss due to stock-outs

• 10%–12% reduction in total logistics cost

G3G S/4 High Tech is a software-and-services package combining industry best practices with the powerful SAP S/4HANA platform. It helps companies use data-driven insights and powerful predictive analytics, enabling them to reduce time-to market for innovative products, improve quality and remain competitive. It also empowers employees with a new, role-based way of working with the responsive, intuitive SAP Fiori® user experience on all devices. Prices start from only £60 per user per month and implementation from ten weeks.


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*Source: SAP Value Paper, Transform High Tech with SAP® Solutions Business Value with Intelligent ERP