High Tech

High Tech companies exist in an environment where market requirements are constantly evolving and the speed of change continues to increase. In addition, product life cycles are shortening and so is the time that you have to produce the next product and delight your customers.

The competition is intense and you need to be able to provide the right products, at the right time, and at the right price, in order to survive and flourish in this challenging market.

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Needs in the High Tech Industry
  • Anticipate market demand via accurate and timely customer insight.
  • Have the flexibility to respond quickly and effectively to market changes.
  • Work with suppliers and partners to adapt quickly and manage your supply chain.
  • Be responsive and efficient in your manufacturing process.
  • Provide your sales team with a real-time 360-degree view of all customers via mobile devices.
  • Provide a high quality and profitable after-sales service for your complex product portfolio.
  • Maintain and develop a highly skilled workforce with minimal staff turnover.
  • Have all of the information you need to manage all aspects of the business at your fingertips.

Run Simple
Many of the world’s most successful companies run SAP. With SAP you can manage all aspects of your business in a single integrated solution that provides real-time information to everyone in your organisation. The benefits of SAP extend beyond your organisation by enabling collaboration across your supplier, partner and customer base.

SAP is now easier to use regardless of where you are or the device that you are using. SAP now uses the Fiori User Experience so that now even the most complex functions and business processes are now simple.

SAP for High Tech
SAP has revolutionised the High Tech Industry by:
  • 24% increased operating margins where mobility is embedded in all business processes.
  • 20% higher revenue per employee in organisations that are using information to identify strategic and competitive advantages.
  • 33% reduction in procurement and logistics costs.
  • 50% reduction in manufacturing lead times.
  • 39% higher average savings where systems provide real time visibility into supplier performance.
  • 40% lower audit costs where alerts are built into reporting and risk management processes.
  • 32% reduction in employee turnover where organisations can use personnel data to implement workforce optimisation strategies.
  • 7% increase in customer satisfaction based on real-time information gathered on customers and their interaction history.
  • 25% lower inventory costs.

Industry Specialisation

G3G has many years of experience helping our customers maximise the value of their investment in SAP.


G3G has a track record of successfully implementing SAP solutions in as little as 8–16 weeks. Our proven Rapid Deployment Approach enables you to minimise time to value and reduce implementation risk. We help you ensure that your project is delivered in-line with your business strategy, on time and within budget.


We provide comprehensive ongoing support and maintenance to help you stay ahead of your competition.

With G3G and SAP you can manage all aspects of your business
  • Product innovation and sourcing.SAP Functionality Matrix
  • Demand–driven supply chain.
  • Responsive manufacturing and fulfillment.
  • Multi-channel sales and marketing.
  • Customer service and field repairs.
  • Finance.
  • Procurement.
  • Human capital management including human resources, payroll, talent management, time and attendance and workforce planning.
  • Business analytics.
  • IT management.

Innovation supporting your business
G3G provides a comprehensive and cost-effective HANA Cloud service specifically designed for small to medium sized enterprises. This is based on SAP's unique HANA 'in-memory computing' which brings together both transactional and analytical data in an instant. Our service includes UK based hosting with full Disaster Recovery and a full managed service across your entire SAP landscape.

Why not beat the competition and trust G3G to provide an affordable and reliable service, leaving you to focus on your core business.

G3G High Tech Solution Scope
  • Application Support service for your SAP suite.
  • A comprehensive Hosted and Managed Service.
  • Upgrades to reduce the risk of running an unsupported system and help capitalise on new functionality.
  • Migrate to S/4HANA.
  • Adopt “Best Practice” processes to streamline operations, simplify deployment, reduce bespoke developments and simplify future upgrades.
  • Health Check and functional audits to identify opportunities for business improvement.

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