It was EPI-USE who reorganised their business model and set up; an umbrella organisation which is split into three parts that together focus on both business and conservation.

The first is the organisation’s for-profit side, comprising 11 enterprise resource planning (ERP) software, testing, engineering, and services companies, which G3G is part of.

The second part is known as ERP – which stands for “Elephants, Rhinos & People.” It’s a nonprofit that runs conservation and poverty-fighting initiatives including an app that EPI-USE created called ERP Air Force. This app re-purposes the company’s existing systems, including drones and satellite tracking tags, to monitor the whereabouts and well-being of elephants and rhinos in real time.

The final part is a private investment firm that funds like-minded “for good” initiatives until they can become self-sustaining and supports communities building ecotourism reserves by helping them manage their assets and the development process.

The 11 ERP software companies within the group support the nonprofit by contributing 1% of their global revenues, free infrastructure support, and as many hours of volunteer time as employees want to give.

In the SAP article, ‘Elephants on the Balance Sheet‘, it describes how EPI-USE used purpose as a powerful motivator to drive profits. They understood what many other organisations are now beginning to understand:

  1. That customers are increasingly aware of the environmental and human costs of traditional ways of doing business, and employees are showing a powerful desire to work for companies that make a difference in the world.
  2. The latest technologies create efficient—and profitable—methods of conserving resources and introducing more sustainable business models.

We are honoured to be part of this great group of companies that is making a valuable impact in the world of business and conservation.