Pricing is a key factor in every business. Many parameters are taken into consideration when setting price lists, but this is just one step in the road. Prices shown in documents reflect agreements with vendors and customers and may vary between wholesale and retail businesses. To optimize pricing clarity, SAP Business One introduces the option to work with two separate price modes – Gross and Net:

When activated, you define the relevant price mode for each business partner and each price list. You can assign price lists of price mode ‘Gross’ only to business partners with price mode ‘Gross’ and vice versa:

The price mode of the business partner is reflected in the documents created for the given business partner and affects relevant calculations such as gross profit.

Available in SAP Business One 9.3, version for SAP HANA and SAP Business One 9.3.

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Source: Ari Schapira | SAP Business One – The Tip of the Week