G3G (UK) is an approved supplier for G-Cloud 12, the UK Government’s framework for sourcing Cloud-based services.

Technology is evolving rapidly. Emerging solutions are revolutionising the way services are delivered to citizens and businesses – providing facilities more tailored to their needs.

People are experiencing innovative and speedy business models such as Amazon, Deliveroo, Monzo and Uber, and expect the same seamless experience with government. Public sector organisations must embrace technical and cultural change to be more responsive, flexible, and transparent while still retaining a high level of governance.

The UK is a world leader in using state of the art technology to deliver outstanding public services. The UK Government’s G-Cloud initiative reinforces the importance they place on securing their place as the world’s most innovative economy.

In the private sector organisations procure the latest technologies to drive profits and increase market share. The public sector faces very different challenges, in that technological changes tend to be large projects with long lead times and a requirement of significant resources. Reducing IT operating costs and delivering digital transformation, within a constrained budget, is also particularly challenging for public sector organisations.

Public sector organisations are keen to explore how technology can improve performance and drive down costs. But success is not only measured by the financial return on investment but also by political and social return. Failure is expensive – unsafe or unhealthy communities; lack of services; economic or reputational damage. G3G has taken the time to engage with public sector procurement and IT teams, and to talk to their end-users, to understand the key drivers behind change. We’ve found that while state-of-the-art technology is a significant driving force, when it comes to spending public funds, so too is accountability, transparency, and governance. Successful projects are structured to move beyond siloed approaches and complex technology, focusing instead on transforming processes and delivering value-added services, at scale.

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