G3G is delighted to be part of Proudly South African which aims to create and sustain quality jobs by stimulating local production and the consumption of locally produced products and services. The campaign is having a hugely positive effect on the country, by aiding economic growth and reinforcing national pride, but how is G3G ‘Proudly South African’? We don’t manufacture anything and SAP is a German product being used globally.

Yes, this is of course true, but we are definitely doing our bit. As a South African business solutions provider with intimate knowledge of the South African business landscape, G3G crafts and implements business solutions that are conceived and built locally, by South Africans. Solutions built locally for typical South African business models create unique local IP, which in turn may be exported to neighbouring territories where these business models are often copied or established.

Having passed the campaign’s entry criteria proving that G3G adhere to fair labour practices, are environmentally responsible and provide high quality and local services, we can now display the Proudly South African logo and hope that companies seeking an SAP partner in South Africa will choose to put their money where their heart lies.