The importance of accurate financial reporting’, presented by Ian Theron, Head of SME Business Unit at G3G, and David Ramirez, EMEA Regional Manager at ZAP.

Why view the on-demand webinar?

Businesses depend on the accuracy and timeliness of their financial reporting. Market conditions and individual business financials can change on a daily basis, and stakeholders need access to verified, fully updated financial reports to make the decisions most likely to encourage continued financial success, and stability and to correct course if needed. Access to accurate financial reporting can ensure that even the busiest entrepreneurs, C-suite managers, and senior executives have the information they need to make well-informed decisions.

Are you struggling to find the right financial metrics to support your decision-making and influence your business’s financial growth?

Learn how to deliver core financial reporting and the best possible ERP analytics to get value from the underlying data and provide the financial insight your business needs to thrive:

  • Considerations when setting up key financial indicators – what does successful reporting look like in finance within your business?
  • What type of financial indicators shape other operational insights, such as the order-to-payment process in procurement, budget, and forecast of every department, cash flow liquidity to support marketing activities etc.
  • Leveraging tools to increase efficiencies around recurring processes, like financial close.
  • Making sure that you have the ability to answer difficult questions, backed by data.
  • Delivery of financial reports to the decision-making committee at the click of a button, whenever and wherever.

And in our quick Software Spotlight section, we will demonstrate:

  • What to consider when setting up key financial indicators
  • What types of analytics go well with standard financial reporting

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