The accountant’s pathway to high-value work’, presented by Ian Theron, Head of SME Business Unit at G3G, and Eric Edelstein and Daniel Silberman at DOKKA.

Why view the on-demand webinar?

It is not uncommon to wonder if robots will someday take over the role of humans. With the dawn of automation, robots are faster, more accurate, and don’t mind mundane tasks. However, the rise of automation will lead to more rewarding and interesting work for accountants.

Accounting automation helps automate the accounting process so that most manual tasks are completed instantly and efficiently. Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) allow two disconnected systems to access and use each other’s features or data. Essentially, an API acts as a facilitator that enables two different and separate applications to talk to each other.

DOKKA, the autonomous Accounts Payable automation software, makes invoice processing a breeze and fits into any accounting tech stack, including SAP Business One. It quickly extracts information from invoices of any format and automates journal entry creation, validation, and processing, opening the door to evolving the perception of the accountant as a trusted advisor and consultant and providing the opportunity for more interesting and valuable work.

Learn how to transform your accounting with automation by:

  • Automating Journal entry creation: Process an invoice in 10 seconds, not 5 minutes
  • Streamlining approval flows: Upgrade your approval process to avoid manual follow-ups
  • Centralise document management: Make your archive work for you and not the other way around.

Say hello to a more streamlined and efficient AP department, with less manual effort and more time for high-value tasks.

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