We all appreciate well-defined processes, especially when it comes to business. It makes your work more efficient, saves you time, effort, and money. Essentially it enables you to do your work better. Think about the sales process, for example, you start with Sales Quotation, continue to Sales Order, Delivery (if goods are involved), and then issue the A/R invoice. The “Copy To” buttons in base documents makes the transition to the next stage efficient and accurate – data is copied, references are made and the paper trail is recorded. What about the attachments? Should they be carried on to the target document along the process? It’s your decision to make.

SAP Business One introduces a new setting allowing you to copy attachments from the base document to the target document. You can set the default process for your business in the Document Settings window:

Target Document

By default, this option is not selected. When selected, attachments from the base documents will be copied into the target documents. For exceptional cases, where the business’s setting does not fit, the user can change the setting for the specific document in the Attachments Tab:

Target Document

Available in SAP Business One 10.0, and SAP Business One 10.0 version for SAP HANA. Please get in touch if you would like to upgrade to version 10.0.

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Source: Ari Schapira | SAP Business One – The Tip of the Week