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With the advent of BIM compliance, there has never been a better time to maximise your investment in technology to underpin the growth aspirations of your company.

To maintain or increase competitive advantage, it is becoming increasingly critical for stakeholders to have real time visibility of the financial position of their contracts in order to ensure they are delivered on-time and on-budget. In a notoriously low margin industry, it's critical that engineering and construction companies can accurately report and forecast cost and profit margin at any stage of a project and also on the estimated completion of their contracts.

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Why invest in technology?
Traditionally, financial or ERP systems have been used by the minority of a construction company’s employees. This has meant that an organisation’s investment in technology has had little or no return on investment because it has not been utilised by the majority of the workforce.

46% of UK firms have not carried out a review of their IT business systems, in the last five years, versus just 10% of their global competitors. Smart investment in technology can help engineering and construction companies win more business and deliver it on time and on budget, whilst achieving BIM compliance.

Your site-based workforce should have access to technology to help them win more work and deliver it on time and on budget.

SAP for EC&O

G3G & InEight
G3G is an SAP and InEight Partner. Our pre-packaged industry solution for Construction draws upon industry best practices and powerful tools from both SAP and InEight solutions. InEight & SAP provide a comprehensive, integrated solution that provides real-time visibility needed to optimise operational budgets, create accurate estimates, manage costs and drive increased return on capital across the project lifecycle.

Industry leaders that trust InEight to help them build better:

Aecon American Bridge Kiewit North American Railworks Tetra Tech Zachry

It’s very easy to manage our global operations because everything is in one place, everybody gets access to the information they need when they need it.

Shawn von Doeler, IT, Redpath 

5D BIM compliance

With SAP Visual Enterprise & InfinyD, engineering and construction companies can combine visual designs with business information to gain complete control across the life-cycle of construction projects. Companies can manage their projects and assets more efficiently to achieve accurate profit margin forecasting.

Project-based accounting
SAP Commercial Project Management is a project-based accounting tool dedicated to supporting Quantity Surveyors or Commercial Managers managing their job costs and revenue, to report in real-time, a commercial view of the financial position of their projects.

Out of the back office
Your site-based workforce should have access to technology to help them win more work and deliver it on time and on budget. SAP provides a fully integrated solution covering the full project life cycle from bid to build.
Why invest with G3G
  • Quick, low risk, timely and ‘within budget’ implementation giving you a quicker return on your investment.
  • Utilise SAP at a project level as well as back office.
  • SAP end-user training for your workforce to utilise the system on their construction projects.
  • Reduced IT cost of ownership, with an increased return on investment.
  • Ignite your ERP investment to improve operational business performance.

SAP solution scope
  • Bid Management.
  • Project Set-up.
  • Procurement.
  • Project Management.
  • Subcontractor Management.
  • Plant Management.
  • Commercial Project Management.
  • 6D Modelling in-line with BIM Requirements.
  • Project level Business Analytics.
  • Workforce Performance Management.
  • Facilities Management.
  • Financials.

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