In the first of my VAR Support blog trilogy I’m going to explore the benefits of having a SAP Value Added Reseller (VAR) Partner. In order to be considered a VAR and to be accredited with the highly acclaimed Partner Centre of Expertise (PCoE), G3G has to meet a number of stringent criteria. We have to have a set number of our experienced consultants SAP accredited across a broad spectrum of skill sets. This requires passing tough examinations set out by SAP to prove that they are experts in their area of modular expertise. In addition we must demonstrate that we are capable of providing level one and level two support for any incidents related to SAP software bugs. We also have to measure and attain a high degree of customer satisfaction over a long period of time.

Our Basis Consultants need to demonstrate that they are reviewing the EarlyWatch reports for our customers’ system and are providing expert guidance, as well as performing a number of maintenance activities to keep the system healthy. Our consultants also need to ensure that SAP has connectivity to the system in the event they need to investigate software issues that have escalated to level three and require a fix to be developed.

What exactly are the benefits of having a VAR?

Well, for starters you will be working with people that you are already familiar with in your support partner, people who know your system intimately and are familiar with your business processes. They understand what processes are critical to the successful running of your business. They are uniquely placed to identify what has interrupted the smooth running of your operation when a software bug affects your system. At G3G we have highly skilled, experienced onshore consultants who are adept at identifying the root cause of the issue affecting you. They will scour first Solution Manager, and then the SAP Marketplace for a fix to the issue in the form of a developed and tested SAP Note. If there are no SAP notes created, they can articulate the issue to SAP development and arrange for a fix to be developed. G3G is able to leverage our accredited partnership status with SAP to ensure the right level of focus is given to get the software fix developed quickly. Our expert consultants will then test that SAP Note in your development landscape before passing across to you to test in your pre-production environment.

Incident management is just one benefit of working through the indirect channel with G3G as your VAR. Our SAP Basis consultants will review your EarlyWatch alert reports to monitor the critical health of your system. Dependent on the outcomes of these reports, we will provide advice, guidance and perform maintenance activities which will keep your system up to date and optimised. We will advise when your system requires patching, perform Kernel upgrades and work with you to ensure that your database is sized accordingly.

Why G3G…

At G3G you are assigned an experienced Client Manager who will be able to use their relationship with SAP to ensure you are given mission critical support during a major go live event. They will also provide assistance during any SAP licence audit. At G3G we can perform your licence audit for you and report directly to you on the outcome and recommend next actions. In the event that you have a licence shortfall, we are often able to negotiate a more beneficial rate with SAP on your behalf on the purchase of additional licences.

Your Client Manager will be able to request and recommend remote services from SAP, including a number of technical quality checks that can be run on your system. These can be used to ensure your system remains fit for purpose, or even to show what would be required for when you decide to upgrade your system to S/4HANA for example.

In summary, having G3G as your VAR means you can enjoy the benefits of having a trusted partner who:

  • Only use expert SAP Consultants, familiar with your business, your industry and your system.
  • Will provide critical day-to-day maintenance, performing Level 1 and Level 2 technical support, and work with SAP development to create new software fixes.
  • Will facilitate your SAP audit, working with SAP to ensure that you have acquired the requisite number of licences to ensure that you are compliant with your Contract.
  • Has SAP Partner Centre of Expertise (PCoE) accreditation.
  • Will provide a Client Manager to help with your SAP Roadmap, leveraging our relationship with SAP to ensure you maximise the return on your SAP investment.

If you are ready to start down the path to a successful SAP VAR Partner relationship, or you have some questions that you would like to ask us, please get in touch for an informal chat with me at


Mick Lewin, Head of Client Engagement Support, UK

I have worked in both support and consultancy roles before moving into service delivery and client management – clocking up over 20 years’ experience working in the world of SAP. I’m passionate about delivering the highest standard of customer satisfaction and fervently believe great interactions start with knowing your clients’ wants and needs.