How SMEs Find a Support Soul Mate

Posted by Mick Jawor on Jun 08, 2016



The Rolling Stones remind us that we can’t always get what we want, but if we try sometimes we might find we get what we need. These old rock lyrics can be words to live by for small to medium enterprises (SMEs) that want to build solid support strategies for their SAP investment. This is because the in-house IT operations at most SMEs are not equipped to provide intensive support after an SAP upgrade or implementation, and it’s not that the staff is incompetent. On the contrary, they know their infrastructure and users, but they often lack the time or experience to provide the targeted education and support that enables users to take full advantage of SAP's many powerful features.

While SME executives recognize IT needs additional expertise, they often don’t have the budget to justify hiring new employees just to support SAP. The more cost-effective option for them is to outsource to an SAP technology partner. But here is where SME executives sometimes take a misstep and let what they want override what they need. They want to make a safe decision and ensure predictable outcomes, and this decision-making process often leads them to sign on with large technology consultancies (it is very much the old “nobody ever got fired for buying Big Blue” mindset.) We know this is the wide-spread thought process through talking with executives about their SAP support.

When SME executives switch to a smaller firm for support, like G3G, it is often to get what they need, which is a more personal and flexible relationship with their SAP consultants. That’s not something their budgets or market position can guarantee when working with large consulting firms.

Creating personal and flexible relationships is at the core of our culture at G3G. We understand it is one of our key competitive advantages - along with our expertise in SAP Support, Services and Solutions.

Getting to know an SME client’s business and roadmap, responding quickly and flexibly to unexpected issues, and building user proficiency matter to us because addressing those needs is how we attract and attain business. SME clients relate to our strategy because it is often how their own firms find success in the marketplace.

If your current support strategy is delivering less than you need, click here to find out more about how G3G helps SMEs achieve success with SAP Support.

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