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Posted by Mick Jawor on Jun 15, 2016



Implementing and supporting SAP is a massive undertaking. SAP software is designed to deliver solutions for business requirements from global customers in the largest industries – automotive, high tech, banking – but has an equally strong footing in the small-to-medium enterprise market.

How do organizations effectively bridge the gap to select and implement the right functionality to support their business processes? Once the project framework is determined, how does the business take ownership of the solution? Ultimately, the ability of the individuals within the organization to adopt the chosen functionality is what defines a successful implementation.

To aid in that adoption, there is an ever-expanding ecosystem of products designed to make your SAP system successful over the duration of its life cycle. Tools used for Data Migration and Management provide an excellent example. SAP delivers LSMW (Legacy System Migration Workbench) to migrate and maintain data – but as a tool the technical knowledge required to use LSMW becomes a barrier to long-term use. LSMW typically requires the business to identify a need, a functional resource to translate that need into a functional requirement, and a technical resource to build to the requirement. Not all IT departments have the resources to manage these requests.

The market demanded a better solution and Winshuttle Studio was developed to fill the gap. Winshuttle Studio empowers users to leverage Microsoft Excel as their front-end for extracting, creating, and maintaining data – all without ABAP fluency. By recording and mapping transactions in Excel, repetitive tasks can be automated to save time and increase data accuracy.

Empowered users accomplish more. By utilizing the knowledge of functional instead of technical experts, a layer of IT resources can be removed. The result is businesses running simple, and running live. Winshuttle Studio is a great tool to amplify the power of users – making the power of SAP accessible and helping your business derive maximum return on investment.

While not every partner has experience with Winshuttle, boutique firms like G3G partner knowledge of business accelerators with years of SAP expertise to provide more value for your consulting dollar. G3G provides services tailored to your needs – training, implementation, and support – to fit your business requirements.

A well-executed project further improves your SAP environment over the data lifecycle. Individual business users also benefit from being able to work with a familiar tool that has been personalized to make their assigned data-collection tasks easier and more accurate.

Because of these factors, empowering users through Winshuttle Studio is one of the best places to invest valuable IT dollars. To learn more about G3G’s approach and how we used Winshuttle Studio to help one small-to-medium enterprise customize their SAP environment click here or get in touch to speak to one of our trusted advisors.


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