How to Make SAP Work for You

Posted by Andrew Borresen on Jan 08, 2015


Are you at a crossroads in terms of where you want to take your SAP investment? You may be on an old ERP version, struggling with rising technical complexity and customisation within your solution, or simply struggling to navigate through marketing rhetoric to decide which path to follow in order to move forward.

Perhaps the most significant challenge facing you is the opportunity cost associated with not being able to adopt new innovations essential for competitive advantage, or simply to keep up with the pace of your industry. The inability to innovate and move forward without significant disruption to the business often results in decision paralysis.

Some of the common challenges you may be facing include:

  • Users want simple, consumer grade applications at work
  • You solution is heavily customised, thwarting your ability to adopt new innovations and best practices
  • Complexity based barriers affecting your ability to support business strategy, objectives and priorities in a timely manner

However, there has never been a better time simplify your SAP environment and enter the new generation of SAP innovations.This presents many opportunities to exploit and generate further value:

  • SAP HANA and SAP Accounting powered by HANA (Simple Finance)
  • Cloud based infrastructure
  • Consumer grade user experience with SAP FIORI
  • Real time operational analytics with SAP HANA live

Our approach is simple. We very quickly seek to understand your needs and your challenges and what options are available for you to consider going forward. To execute this, we offer a short, fixed price, SAP quality review engagement. 



Following the review we offer a 2 day, free of charge, engagement to work through how the current SAP product(s) could address some of your challenges and provide recommendations for the desired future state of your SAP program and solution roadmap.

Potential outcomes of our quality review:

  • Stabilisation – keeping the lights on while addressing those areas of the system with recurring issues without any drastic steps.
  • Cost Reduction - Outsourcing your infrastructure by lifting and shifting to our private cloud can reduce your total costs.
  • Organisational Re-Structure – As one of the few SAP Landscape Transformation Partner’s, we can offer a service to accelerate the process for:User-friendly enhancement - Adoption of consumer grade applications through SAP Fiori and personalised screens with SAP Personas can help significantly by simplifying the user experience.
    • Legal-entity carve-outs or mergers
    • Chart of accounts renumbering
    • Financial calendar changes
    • Data adjustments such as material renumbering
  • SAP HANA - We will work with you to develop a plan that prepares your existing environment for SAP HANA adoption.

To find out further information or arrange an engagement review, please contact us


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