G3G HANA Cloud: That Silver Lining

Posted by Andrew Borresen on Jan 16, 2015


“Cloud” is one of the current buzz-words of the technology world; no more so than in the SAP arena.. The pace of technological advancement is exponential, and cloud technology is no different. With the ability to now adopt business applications from the cloud - costs across the board are being driven down - Good news!

Cloud technology is comprised of two components: the physical technology and the skilled individuals who run the systems. G3G offers an SAP Enterprise Private Cloud (EPC) service, which provides just that; the technology and the talent. But is it right for you? How could you benefit from an SAP Cloud based ERP? Or would a hybrid approach be more appropriate? To answer these questions, you have to understand what the EPC does:

  • Cost savings and predictable ‘run-rates’ by using SAP HANA Tailored Data Integration (TDI)
  • Frees up time and capital to re-focus on core business functions
  • Showcase for new SAP innovations (e.g. HANAFioriMobility)
  • Flexibility and integration with SAP's Cloud Applications
  • Stress-busting and happiness inducing, disaster recovery services and industry standard data security.


Cloud computing is also perfectly suited to business expansion, and shrinkages. This is why Cloud technology is heralded as the next ‘big’ thing, and why many are moving to the cloud. Whether the cloud offers a solution to your problems, or your industry is moving that way, it may be the right time to step up into the clouds.

For more information and any questions regarding G3G services, contact us here, we would be delighted to hear from you. 


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