Targeted Support to Control Costs and Improve IT Outcomes

Posted by Mick Jawor on May 31, 2016



SAP S/4HANA’s customer list includes more than 2,000 small to medium enterprises (SMEs). If you are considering a business upgrade to better manage growth and complexity, such as S/4HANA, you may be concerned that your relatively small size – compared to a typical enterprise customer – means that you won’t receive enough attention to ensure a smooth transition after implementation.

One good option for addressing this concern is pay-as-you-go support from an SAP certified partner. G3G has been using this strategy with a number of SAP SMEs to provide targeted support during the critical months after SAP goes live.

Pay as you go offers an affordable alternative to traditional SAP support while providing critical resources for SME IT departments, which tend to be staffed by small, overextended teams.

Such a flexible model enables IT departments to work with expert consultants who can accelerate critical development efforts such as integrating EDI protocols or deploying a mobility module. With this approach, SMEs enjoy a certainty over cost along with a clear understanding of what they will receive for the agreed budget.

Pay as you go also provides extra resources for building end-user proficiency. While SAP makes business processes much simpler and more efficient, a small amount of targeted support from G3G consultants after project completion can help you to quickly establish the unconscious competence that is so essential to maximize your investment.

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