Elephants, Rhinos and People is a Best Run Business

Posted by Louise Hannaway on Apr 24, 2018


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Last month we reported in our blog how, which G3G is proud to be a member of, has developed a game-changing solution, ERP Airforce, which has become a critical component to wildlife protection efforts in Africa. It turns out that SAP are as excited as us by this solution and are promoting it in their latest advertising campaign, which includes adverts in the Wall Street Journal and a global airport campaign. 

 SAP rhino ad

What's more, the story is featured very high up on SAP’s homepage which currently focuses on “Doing good is good business”. The homepage clicks through to a detailed overview of the solution that is already changing peoples lives in poor rural areas, and saving more wild elephants and rhinos. Read the full write up here

ERP Airforce is set to digitally transform not only its own conservation efforts, but also those of traditional conservation bodies all over the world, and G3G are immensely proud to be a part of it. 


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