Demystifying Bespoke Sales Pricing

Posted by Catherine Cheng on Aug 03, 2017


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Due to business scenarios complexities, rarely can standard SAP pricing configuration be used to fully fulfil business requirements. As such, SAP provides the ability to highly bespoke the business’ pricing solution and this can lead to difficulties troubleshooting and analysing problems when they arise. To help with troubleshooting pricing issues, especially custom-developed routines or user-exits, the standard pricing analysis report RV61A_ANALYSEREPORTS_PRICING is very useful – the associated transaction code is PRCAT. This report shows all the pricing information in one place.

Overview of this report:-

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The bottom three options are most useful and below is a brief description of each of these.

RV61A GETFORMULAS: This shows all the condition types, the corresponding formulas used and sub-totals in a document. All bespoke routines are highlighted in red which allows for quick identification of custom-developed routines.

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RV61A USEREXITS: This shows all the active pricing forms and functions and the forms and functions can be drilled-down to show the source codes. Active custom-modified source forms and functions are highlighted in red, providing far easier and faster identification of custom modifications.

report 3.png

RV61A COMPARE KONV T683S T685A: This shows the differences in the document pricing details as compared to the current pricing procedure. Using this function, changes made to pricing configuration after the document was created can be easily identified.

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Happy exploring with this standard report!


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