Posted by James Thomas on Apr 30, 2015



There's nothing like a stroll through the airport to remind me how widespread the use of SAP has become. Walking through the terminal, I see advertisements highlighting the use of SAP by some of the planet’s most recognisable brands. Porsche Runs SAP. Fujitsu Runs SAP. Hard Rock Café. Adidas. Nestle. The list goes on and on.

But insiders know the truth: the advertisements should read “Data Runs SAP”.

Any business system is only as good as the data it contains. For this reason, on-going data creation and maintenance are critical components of all SAP installations no matter the size. When data is managed correctly, there is a direct impact on a company’s growth and bottom line. 

But too often, data management is overlooked. The result is broken processes, waste, and increased costs. Winshuttle refers to this as the Data Management Tax.

The good news: Winshuttle developed a suite of products dedicated to data management. Winshuttle’s transformational tools cover enough ground to become your data management strategy.

One of the best aspects of Winshuttle is the ability to record an SAP transaction, create a mapping from Excel to SAP, and then automate the transaction to run on demand. The time savings can be enormous and the data consistency is also increased as well – all without any ABAP coding.

Taken one step further, linking scripts allows you to run multiple transactions in sequence. This allows any process chain to be created. One of our most successful Winshuttle customers uses linked scripts to ‘Create a Material’, ‘Create a BOM’, ‘Create a Routing’, and ‘Assign a Production Version’ with the click of one button. This ensures that no step is overlooked because every transaction is done the same way. This is not limited to the material master; any series of transactions can be linked to create a time-saving chain while ensuring that the sequence is carried out with consistency.

Better still, Winshuttle is portable. The scripts are embedded in the spreadsheet. Spreadsheets can be built, changed, pushed through workflows and shared until data is finalised for upload. When it is time to run, the data is mapped into the proper screens in SAP with your business rules ‘built in’. There is no more copying and pasting field-by-field and no more complicated rules for data processors to remember.

This is really just the tip of the iceberg. Winshuttle does so much more than making data processing easier. Winshuttle provide tools that extract data from SAP, enable workflow, and even make massive journal entries painless.

If you are interested in seeing how Winshuttle can help your business, contact us to see a demo.


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