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Highly experienced in Product management, Enterprise software development and Product life cycle (17+ years), Sees the big picture & successfully combines technology with business. Fulfilled senior positions focusing on product and business development, playing a vital role in transforming the SAP Business One ERP solution into a leading player within the global SMB market
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Period Ended? Close it Automatically

Posted by Ari Schapira - Director of Product Management at SAP on Dec 04, 2018

Time flies. What a cliché. But as other popular clichés, this one is also true. Especially in business where everything is so dynamic – a month ends and another one starts and before you blink it’s a new quarter or the end of the year. When working with posting periods, noticing the start and end dates are critical. When a period ends you can set its status to “Closing Period” so users will not be able to post documents or transactions to the previous period. If your posting period is a whole year this is a one-time task, but when working with shorter periods such as months or even weeks, this becomes a regular and even more critical task. For such cases, SAP Business One can change the status of ended periods automatically to “Closing Period” as per your definition:

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