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BEST Accounts Payable Module...
More than just an automated solution for supplier statement reconciliation

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Are you tired of manually reconciling supplier statements in SAP? BEST has developed an Accounts Payable (AP) Module that automates the entire process and provides detailed reporting. With the BEST AP Module, you can streamline your reconciliation process, and save time and resources.

BEST specialises in developing SAP Modules and Add-ons that help businesses like yours to get the most out of your SAP landscape. Our team at G3G takes a consultative approach, focusing on pragmatic solutions that deliver meaningful results.

In addition to automating supplier statement reconciliation, the BEST Accounts Payable Module also automates the following reconciliations within SAP:

  • Balance sheet accounts for the month-end close;
  • Reconciling and clearing debtors’ remittance advices; and
  • The automated clearing of General Ledger (GL) accounts across companies and different GLs.

Refrain from letting manual reconciliations hold your business back. Take advantage of this opportunity to learn how you can revolutionise your SAP workflow(s) in your AP processes and gain efficiencies.

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Why leading businesses choose BEST?

Time and Cost Savings

Save significant time and costs by automating inefficient manual processes and reducing the need for spreadsheets and non-SAP systems.

Allows you to focus on other important tasks and ultimately improve your bottom line.

High Auto Matching Rate

Features advanced algorithms that achieve a high auto-matching rate, reducing the need for manual intervention, and improving accuracy.

Minimise the risk of errors, making your reconciliation process more efficient and reliable.

Fully Compliant

Works in real-time and provides an up-to-the-minute accurate picture of your company’s accounts payable. 

BEST is built in SAP and certified for SAP, it leverages your investment in SAP, which means trusted and proven performance.

Totally Green

Environmentally friendly, reducing the need for paper, printing, scanning, and storage costs. The Supplier Statements Reader and Reconciliation modules read and store all statements electronically, making it easy to manage and retrieve them without the need for physical storage