About Us

G3G is an award winning SAP partner with a niche focus on high growth organisations. We seek to inspire enterprises to deliver business value by using technology in creative and innovative ways. Our team understands both business and SAP and are committed in helping you use SAP to operate your business more effectively and deliver operational value.

We provide SAP Enterprise Management (Finance, Supply Chain and Analytics) services with an emphasis on new-generation Cloud-based HANA technology, digital transformation, application management, infrastructure technical services and hosting. Our 2 core offerings are SAP S/4HANA Enterprise Management and SAP Business One.

In 2016, we were acquired by Epi-Use, the leading global SAP HCM specialists, and proudly became part of groupelephant.com; a largely employee-owned group of technology companies, non-profit organisations and impact investment businesses with a global footprint. The Group is characterised by going 'Beyond Corporate Purpose' with a primary focus on the preservation and protection of at-risk elephants and rhinos in the wild, and the economic uplifting of rural people in areas adjacent to the threatened species.

The complementary capabilities of EPI-USE and G3G mean that the combined group are now able to offer advisory services, implementation services, Application & Technical Support, Hosting and Cloud service.

Prepackaged Genius
At G3G we are passionate about harnessing the genius of our team by creating prepackaged, reusable tools and solutions our customers can benefit from. To be frank, we embed the thinking of really smart people into pre-programmed tools, reusable assets and a robust, proven methodology.

This approach is beneficial because it results in an approach that is:

  1. More cost-effective because it reduces the man-effort required to implement it.
  2. More reliable because the solution and tools are pre-programmed and consistent, and previously tried and tested.
  3. Naturally lower risk.
  4. Faster because it already exists instead of being configured or built on the fly.

By using this approach we take the best ideas and proven solutions and reuse them again and again, each time further refining them to deliver a predictable ROI, in a rapid time frame.

Small Enough to Care
From implementation through on-going optimisation and support, we are committed to providing an unparalleled level of client satisfaction and business success. We consider ourselves to be a boutique consultancy that is small enough to care about every single customer, every single engagement, and every single ticket. We operate in multiple small teams where each of our customers are extremely important. The culture of our business is one that encourages high touch engagements by people who really care.

Our team is strongly encouraged to create and implement the kind of innovative solutions and approaches that consistently exceed customer expectations. To ensure that every commitment is fulfilled, this aspiration is carefully balanced with realistic recommendations based on our expertise and proven experience. To achieve this we align specific individuals to your engagement – people who have the expertise and understanding of your industry, and will take personal pride in delivering value to you.

As part of our dedication to clear and comprehensible customer interactions, every proposition we offer is explained in easily understandable detail to prevent unexpected surprise that, left unchecked, can derail a project and relationship.

We do not wait for something to go wrong before making recommendations. We take a proactive approach, helping our customers optimise their solutions to meet their unique business needs and avoid issues and complications before they arise.

Global Reach Local Touch
One of the key differences with G3G is that we genuinely care about and listen to our customers. We recognise that close interaction between our customers and ourselves encourages a process of continuous improvement that is essential to helping you drive better value from your investment in SAP.

To maintain our “local touch” we are committed to providing local onshore resources. We will appoint a local Service Delivery Manager who will ensure that we deliver our promises. Being local, your service delivery manager will meet with you regularly to discuss your business challenges and how we might help, to keep you abreast of changes and developments in SAP, and gain an understanding of what is important for you and your business. And since your Service Delivery manager is supported by a team of local support consultants, you will frequently meet other members of the team to discuss some of the matters you have raised. Our support consultants do not simply respond to ad hoc tickets and support queries. They are well experienced SAP consultants who engage in more significant improvement projects, and will spend time with you on site as required. We want to ensure that you get the best value from your SAP investment, and we want to see your business prosper.

Most of our customers are midsize businesses that have gone global. Many recognise that although they are global, they are not of a scale that will attract the level of attention they desire from a tier one consultancy. That is where G3G comes in. We are the partner of choice when you desire a global partner, but want the intimacy of a local touch from a partner to whom your business is importance. Our greatest strength is with organisations whose head office is in the UK and South Africa. Our team currently supports clients with subsidiaries in 22 different countries, and growing. We understand the challenges midsize global businesses face. We are one.

Tenacious & Agile
Our team is renowned for being very quick and responsive.

We understand how important it is to get an answer quickly, and how to balance the need for a rapid “in principle” answer today versus a detailed answer tomorrow. We pride ourselves on being fast, accurate and focused. In jest, we often say “if you need an answer by yesterday, call us”. To be honest, if you call early enough you will be surprised how close that is to the truth.

In the fast paced world of technology this can often be a very difficult objective to achieve. We have managed to achieve this through a combination of factors:

  • Close-knit Team: Our teams across the globe work very closely together and we have a culture of transparent, open information sharing, so we know who the experts are in every subject, and we can get them involved quickly.
  • Investment: We invest in bleeding edge technology that allows our consultants the ability to develop skills in new areas long before our customers might use them. We are constantly developing our team, and running information sharing sessions to build more genius across the group.
  • We use our own solutions: We implement these bleeding edge solutions on ourselves; we become the guinea pigs so you don’t have to. In this way, our own internal teams build up knowledge supporting us on our own use of these solutions.

We employ inquisitive, innovative people who want to constantly be learning.

Simplify Life
We are committed to delivering technology that works…and moreover, technology that works simply. We are passionate about helping make our customers lives easier by making the use of our solutions simple. We want to deliver beautiful software that is easy to use and simple to understand. We are passionate about finding straight forward simple solutions to complex problems.

We believe that by providing simple solutions we can free up time and headspace for our valuable customers to use more productively elsewhere.


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