5 Reasons Why SAP Really is for Everyone

Posted by James Nuttall

Thu, Jan 29, 2015

Having worked for and consulted within many companies that run SAP's ERP and having worked with the software for the majority of my career, I have one really big ‘pet gripe’. Whenever I talk to customers, colleagues or even friends, there is this misconception that SAP is only useful for large companies with deep pockets. Wrong.

While SAP’s ERP delivers great and wonderful integrated technologies for the Unilevers, Sonys and Deloittes of this world; it would be a gross understatement to say it stopped there. SAP is flexible and scalable, especially with the growth of the cloud and HANA solutions, and is genuinely targeted at smaller firms too.

The numbers don’t lie either: SAP has an 18.1% market share of small-to-medium-sized businesses (SMB). When you compare that to Sage (7.3%) and Microsoft (6.2%), then clearly a lot of SMBs are realising the value of an SAP ERP to help them grow.

If that wasn’t enough, then here are my top five reasons why you really can run SAP:

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G3G HANA Cloud: That Silver Lining

Posted by Andrew Borresen

Fri, Jan 16, 2015

“Cloud” is one of the current buzz-words of the technology world; no more so than in the SAP arena.. The pace of technological advancement is exponential, and cloud technology is no different. With the ability to now adopt business applications from the cloud - costs across the board are being driven down - Good news!

Cloud technology is comprised of two components: the physical technology and the skilled individuals who run the systems. G3G offers an SAP Enterprise Private Cloud (EPC) service, which provides just that; the technology and the talent. But is it right for you? How could you benefit from an SAP Cloud based ERP? Or would a hybrid approach be more appropriate? To answer these questions, you have to understand what the EPC does:

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TechTuesdays: Descending Into the Depths of 'Personas'

Posted by Patrick Regan

Tue, Jan 13, 2015

Greetings Techies. Welcome back to our voyage into the world of re-imagining the SAP User Interface (UI) with SAP Screen Personas. We found ourselves in choppy waters from time to time but we successfully reached journeys end, and following from last week’s introduction to the topic, I will outline some of the key lessons I learned on how to approach this deceptively complex product.

To recap, our project brief was to transition 100s of users from a small & bespoke invoicing system, to SAP ECC with the minimal impact. Personas appeared to be the asnwer. 

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How to Make SAP Work for You

Posted by Andrew Borresen

Thu, Jan 8, 2015

Are you at a crossroads in terms of where you want to take your SAP investment? You may be on an old ERP version, struggling with rising technical complexity and customisation within your solution, or simply struggling to navigate through marketing rhetoric to decide which path to follow in order to move forward.

Perhaps the most significant challenge facing you is the opportunity cost associated with not being able to adopt new innovations essential for competitive advantage, or simply to keep up with the pace of your industry. The inability to innovate and move forward without significant disruption to the business often results in decision paralysis.

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